Our convictions

You are a strategic and / or operational leader and face more and more at least one of the following issues:

  • very demanding customers
  • a complex assembly of the offer (multiplicity of countries, partners, suppliers and places of production)
  • low-cost competition from China, India, Vietnam, ..
  • bribery of customers and partners

You are facing more and more often the following issues:

  • national preferences and limited access to certain markets
  • internal expertise difficult to identify and / or mobilize (Knowledge Management)
  • the departure of your key experts (retirement, start-ups, ..)

Our mission

In this context of increasing complexity, we contribute to the evolution of your company :

in a sustainable way,
both locally and abroad,
by helping you to better control your complex projects,
whether strategic or operational in nature.

Our commitments

Increase your Comfort level

Assure you that the problem to be solved is well defined and will be well supported. Grandear has a proven track record in this regard

Better Controls

Contribute to a better control of your complex files.

Grandear has been dealing with complex missions since its inception in 2007


To allow you to better concentrate on your core business. We limit ourselves to interventions that you do not want to deal with internally.